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Taylor Swift Beats Adele, The Rolling Stones & One Direction to be the Highest Earning Musician of 2015

Madonna and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is officially the highest earning musician of 2015 and this is the result of last year’s wildly successful 1989 World Tour.

This year’s Billboard Top 40 Money Makers list sees Taylor crushing out all competition raking in almost $35 million more than the next top earner. With the exception of Adele‘s crazy album sales, which earned her the #9 spot, the rest of the top artists also had world tours to thank for their revenue.

Ariana Grande, The Weekend, J. Cole, Celine Dion, Imagine Dragons, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Sam Smith, Drake among others are also on the Billboard list of top 40 money makers.

Check out the first 10 on the list:
1. Taylor Swift – $73.5 Million in Total Revenue
2. Kenny Chesney – $39.8 Million in Total Revenue
3. The Rolling Stones – $39.6 Million in Total Revenue
4. Billy Joel – $31.7 Million in Total Revenue
5. One Direction – $24.2 Million in Total Revenue
6. Grateful Dead & Company – $23.8 Million in Total Revenue
7. Luke Bryan – $23.1 Million in Total Revenue
8. U2 – $21.8 Million in Total Revenue
9. Adele – $20.5 Million in Total Revenue
10. Maroon 5 – $19.2 Million in Total Revenue


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