American Rapper; Bobby Shmurda sues NYPD for false Arrest


Jailed rapper Bobby Shmurda is turning the tables on law enforcement, suing the New York Police Department for false arrest.

In a lawsuit filed at the Brooklyn Federal Court on the 29th of April, Shmurda had claimed that a certain Officer Douglas Corso and other NYPD officers had illegally entered an apartment belonging to a friend in Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn.

Shmurda claimed the cops tore this place up, teasing him by “chanting the lyrics to his chart-topping songs.” Police had claimed that Shmurda had tried to hide a gun and that they found drug related material in the house, but the Hot Nigga rapper has denied both claims.

Shmurda is currently in jail on charges of conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon, after being arrested in December 2014. The court had granted him bail of $2 million, but a judge had denied payments on several attempts.

His trial is set to begin on the 11th of May. Good luck!


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