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Dancehall superstar Burna Boy has revealed that given the choice between pop singer Chidinma and dancehall act Cynthia Morgan, he would choose the latter as his personal female preference.

The 24-year-old made this and several other revelations on this week’s episode of MTV Base Real Talk where he featured as guest.

He was responding to the question from Twitter user @mysizzledizzle: “What kinda girl do you like: calm like Chidinma or wild like Cynthia Morgan?” He replied: “I think I’ll go with Cynthia Morgan,” before quickly adding “I mean I would have them both”.


Burna Boy also took some time out to address his controversial tweet about the 2015 MTV MAMA. Clarifying his intention for putting up the post, he said: “Usually, I don’t get affected by awards but I saw that my fans were really affected and if it affects my fans, then it affects me deeply.”

Responding to @oluwasparklesni’s tweet about whether or not he had been stabbed before, he said, “You see? Clean. No scars,” while raising his shirt for the camera to see.

MTV Base Real Talk is a one on one question and answer platform hosted by MTV VJs, Ehiz and Stephanie. It allows fans connect with their favorite celebrities by asking questions via social media. No questions are off-limits- secrets, guilty pleasures, old memories, phobias and everything is brought on the table.

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